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First Year reflections

This week we are celebrating the 1st birthday of my business and pelvic health practice!!

What a year it's been!!! I have learn't a lot and I have grown a lot and I wanted to share a few thoughts with you all as I think anniversaries are a great opportunity to reflect on the highs and lows. There's been heaps of challenges, from COVID hiccups to navigating Entrepreneurship as a mother of young children...

But there have also been moments along the way where my heart has wanted to burst!! So much of who I am and the vision I have for my business is able to flourish within this freedom. It's crazy to think my decision to walk away from a contracted job and start my own business all happened within the space of about 12 hours. Once I had made peace with the inner nudge that was pulling me in this direction...after a long time of ignoring it through fear and self-doubt...I was humbled by the small miracles of synchronicity and confirmation.

Once I had the courage to move in the direction of a path that at the time just seemed like a distant and flimsy dream...I was able to recognise the significance of our own committed footing...and how much of a role doubt and fear play in us living a life of significance.

Doubt has a relentless and insidious nature that will undermine our life unless we learn to fumble with it. It's easy to retract ourselves the minute doubt shows up. Yet the secret is to not turn away. In fact, doubt asks us to step towards that which frightens us, reassuring ourselves that if we have the courage to make a true encounter with it, the very voice and texture of fear, a life-giving outcome lies beyond it!!

So I guess the real question, and perhaps the underlying theme of what I have wrestled with the most this year is: Do we dare to be brave?...Do we dare to be wild?!..

Do we dare to face that raw, vulnerable, messy and often claustrophobic inner space that is fear and doubt? Do we dare to no longer brace in avoidance but instead carry a deep willingness to dance with the inconstancy of life?

If I can, you can!

Do we dare embrace fear...if I dare say so. Could we recognise these visitors and acknowledge them as a confirmation that we are where we are meant to be...for where there is fear and doubt, there is potential, there is growth, there is opportunity to learn, to mould and for change. A life lived to the full is never going to be comfortable and cosy all the time, because in order to stretch we much endure the growing pains.

It's been an incredible year and I am beyond grateful for all the people who have made the first year of my business possible. And of course, I am eternally grateful for all the wonderful clients I have had the privilege of working with.

Here's to another great year ahead. Some exciting things planned. Watch this space.....

Credit of all photos: Cody Kettner - @justlikeyoumedia

Instagram: katykettner.pelvichealth

Facebook: Katykettner.pelvichealth

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