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Offering Specialist assessment and treatment for pelvic health conditions



Katy Kettner

Clinical Specialist, Pelvic Health 

I have always had a deep

thirst for knowledge 

and for understanding the human body. Helping people understand, care for,

and live in harmonious sync with their changing bodies is my mission.




What I treat

  • Bladder Dysfunction ​

  • Bowel Dysfunction 

  • Sexual Dysfunction

  • Pelvic Organ Prolapse  

  • Pregnancy related problems

  • Post-natal assessments 

  • Birth trauma / injuries 

  • Menopause related symptoms

  • Pelvic Pain 


Client Recomendations

Lauren W.

“I was seen by Katy after struggling with sexual dysfunction following a 3rd degree tear during labour. I could only describe the treatment I had with Katy as truly life changing. Katy was able to identify the root cause of the issues I was experiencing and we mutually decided on a set of realistic goals to work towards to overcome them. My recovery was undoubtedly down to Katy's understanding, reassuring and empathetic nature and ability to provide outstanding care.”

Jayne W.

"After a traumatic birth and a third degree tear I was referred to Katy and I'm so glad I was. Throughout my time under her care I learnt so much about my body and how to care for it, postpartum and beyond. She is the most passionate and caring health care professional I've ever come across and I feel extremely lucky to have had her support through some very difficult times. She made me feel listened to and ensured I was given the correct treatment for my needs. Under her care and direction, I was able to build my pelvic floor strength up and left each appointment feeling happier and more positive than I had going in. I can't recommend Katy enough, she's professional, passionate and enthusiastic about her job and I feel she genuinely cares about her patients."

Carol  G.

“This lady is an amazingly, wonderful human being. She helped me to begin my journey in reconnecting to my body since the disconnection that happened during my journey through cancer.

She helped me understand my extreme reactions to physical trauma and how they were actually working for me and not against me, protecting me and not, as I believed, harming me further.

Thank you Katy for all you do in supporting Women's Health, and for all your help and support through the most difficult time of my life.”


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